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UX Design Portfolio



Designer focused on building brands and creating digital experiences. 

Raeesah Rufino
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The Book Exchange

The Book Exchange Club (BEC) is an app dedicated to book lovers who just do not have the space to store their books. Users of the app can expect to explore a wide range of books, read and reviewed by other users, and exchange books with them. To do this, they simply download the app, create a profile, upload the books they want to explore and exchange books with other book reading lovers!

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The ConnectU app is dedicated to fulfil the gap between technology and medical professionals. Young or old, we all find ourselves in a situation where we are in need of medication, but some are unable to visit a clinic or pharmacy to receive medical attention. This app has been designed to solve that problem. 

ConnectU Cover.png
ConnectU Cover.png


SWIFT is a mobile app that allows charities to host their campaigns, and users to donate - fast. The app also allows people to host their own donation campaigns, and offer an online payment gateway. 

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